Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arizona 2010

Here's how the trip went. I loaded the pictures backward...for more fun...not because I'm technologically challenged...
Of course, we ended up at the Grand Canyon. We went from 110 degrees in Phoenix to 44 degrees here.

But how beautiful it was once the clouds cleared out!!

No jackets or pants. Very cold!!

The water balloon fight was awesome! We found a fun activity center that had mini golf, speed track, water rafts and video games.

But they just don't give you enough water balloons!!

Andrew and I tried it, too!! I think I won!!

The water felt great in the heat!

Josh just wouldn't let me pass him!

Water boats!

I don't think Josh looks like he's having a good time!! Nope.

Lazy river at the hotel. Round and round.

Swimming and more swimming.

The closest I'll ever get to Mike Rowe!

Slide Rock State Park just outside of Sedona. Highly recommend it. Zions, meets Lake Powell, meets Millcreek Canyon. Loved it.

And of course, we have Tim on a rock. He's our climber.

People were jumping off the cliffs, too. And sliding down the river on their bums.

The boys and I rented Segways for a beginner tour. SO MUCH FUN! I want one but their about $5500.

And we started out at Hoover Dam. So many "dam" jokes...

Still very large. We took the tour to the generators and learned a lot about the dam. It was HOT!!
We had fun. I got a new camera. A little bit of a tan. A lot of reading done. Got to ride a Segway. Saw Toy Story 3. Went to Trader Joe's. Good food. And some quality family time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Some Fun Stuff

Haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd update with some fun pictures I found.

Andrew goofing off in Orlando, Florida. The kids museum was fun but not worth the entry fee!!

All the kids together at Sea World's manta ray exhibit. We spent about an hour here.

My last year's quilt-block-of-the-month class quilt. I think it turned out excellent!!

Josh took Cheyenne to prom this year. It was so fun to rent a tux for my little boy. What a handsome couple!!

The girls put a bow tie on poor Ninja. He's too tolerant!!
I will update again after all this end of school stuff is over. It's a lot of work to get a senior to graduate!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best of Oh Nine

This year, 2009, went by so fast! I thought I'd update with a few of my favorite moments.

The deer in the backyard. A daily occurrence. This year we saw more male deer than ever. One of them we named stumpy because one of his antlers is very short.

The beautiful fall foliage in my yard. It was here briefly and then the wind blew them all away.

Lazy summer days. Our "new" baker's rack on the porch was a fun place for the children to grow their flowers and the cats to take a nap.

I made it to Elephant Rock up the Mueller Park trail in Bountiful. I've tried several times and always ran out of time. As you can see, I nearly ran out of light as I finally made it close to sunset. Had to run down the trail before it got too dark. It's about 2 hours of walking to get to the giant granite rock.

We walked in the Bountiful Handcart Parade and were the only handcart entered. We were on the channel 2 news and in the Deseret News and Davis County paper. Austin, Becca, Rylee and Maddie walked with us. We ran out of candy about 2 blocks in because the girls were a little too excited to throw candy (and because we underestimated how much we would need!)

Tim on a rock. That was the theme of our trip to Lake Tahoe. He was quite the rock climber! It was a beautiful place to explore, hike, swim (cold lake) and relax with the family.

Andrew and I in Tahoe. Just a few days away from our 18th anniversary. Aren't we cute?

Our new addition to the family...Ninja. Maren wanted a kitten for her birthday and our neighbor's cat just had kittens. He's turned into one of our favorite cats and we love him!

Exploring Park City on a weekend retreat. Our Marriott Timeshare was offering a special on weeks in May. So we invited my parents up for a spell. Stayed for Maren's birthday and Mother's Day.

Easter was fun. All the girls looked so cute!

We love our backyard in the winter. Sledding and snowmen. Fun in the snow.

We had a zoo season pass this year and spent quite a bit of time there. The new merry-go-round is fun and the train still entertains. Too bad pass holders don't get to ride for free!!

Went down to St. George and Zion National Park in March. It was nice to just get away for the weekend. The trails were a bit muddy but still fun!

Emma's birthday in January was a hit! The theme was Teddy Bear Picnic. I cut sandwiches in flower shapes and all the kids brought their favorite stuffed animals. It was cute and the kids were great!

Andrew and I went to Maui in January. It was perfect!! Romantic and warm. We saw whales and explored the trails down to the shore on all sides of the island.

California in June/July with my parents. Disneyland and the beach. We had dinner with Alden and Emily and Camille. One of our favorite places to go.

Lawrence family reunion over Labor Day in Eden, Utah. We all had fun eating, playing games, taking pictures, eating, surfing, and fishing. And little Camille is my newest little niece. We don't get to see her because she's a California girl.

We had tickets to the Bees games this year. Every game we went to it rained or was canceled except the one with the San Diego Chicken visiting! It was still fun being at the ballgame!

The girls "finally" got there Nintendo DS's for Christmas! Now they're a lot more quiet.

All the girl cousins together at Thanksgiving Weekend. We hosted the BYU/Utah football game at our house. (OOH the tension...) Maren, Emma, Rylee, Maddie, Camille. Soon we'll have a little boy cousin to coo over.

The annual Cherry Hill reunion. A chance to catch up with the Hansen side of the family.

Our rock family we made at the family reunion. Josh is very tall!!

We went surfing at the Flowrider in Ogden. I highly recommend it for kids. Unlike anything I've ever done. And you should see the video of all the wipe outs!!

Cherry Hill. I posted this picture because we hardly saw Josh this year. He's always working or hanging out with friends. He turned 18 this year and can't wait to see what he does next year with college!

Other things accomplished this year...
I read 29 books. That's a record for me.
I started a watercolor painting class. It's been fun to stretch my artistic skills.
I went skiing for the first time in 7 years!
I signed up for a personal trainer and I'm sore every week.
I'm a member of the first Saturday quilt club at Quilter's Haven, Scrapbooking Thursdays, church choir, and the No Guilt Book Club.
And I still find time to cut hair.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cousin Gathering 2009

We hosted the 2nd bi-annual Lawrence Cousin Gathering the day after Thanksgiving. Andrew supplied the sandwiches and everyone else brought a dish to share. I think it all turned out great. The weather cooperated so everyone could get up the driveway and almost everyone made it. We even had a set of twin girls from Stacie's family join us for the party. The kids enjoyed having lots of friends to run around with.

Gavin, Stacie and Brian (with one of the twins).

Alden, Ashley, and Austin enjoying food.

Tim's too cool for food.

Tacie, Dustin, David and Andrew laughing at stories.

Camden rolling around under the table while we talk.

David and Steve chowin' down.

Tacie and Dustin staring at the pop bottles!!

Everyone listening to Matt's Walmart Black Friday Story!! Only he could have put up with the craziness that night!!

Andrew, Brian and Angie. The three oldest!

Matt is quite the story teller!

Austin and Becca taking a break from kids and listening in.

Maren and Tayler staying busy on the Wii.

The newest addition, Camille.

Kristen, Jenny and Matt. (Jenny hates her picture taken. This exact picture taken 2 years ago!!)

Rylee gets a ride from Becca. Becca's expecting in January!!

I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures of the kids playing downstairs. They had fun playing video games and fooseball. It was fun catching up with everyone. We should do a summer get together next time! Thanks to everyone for bringing food and for coming to our home. We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!