Sunday, July 19, 2009


Here we are in Lake Tahoe. An 8 hour drive from Salt Lake. Elevation 6200 ft. The lake is 22 miles long and 12 miles across. The temperature rarely exceeds 80 degrees in the summer.

This overlook is on the north side of the lake on highway 431. We stopped here just as we were leaving. It definitely gives you an idea how big it is.

A sticker Josh picked up. They didn't have any more of the English version. "Keep Tahoe Blue"

We went trout fishing at a farm. All the kids caught a fish. Then we cooked them up for dinner.

Cascade falls. About a mile hike along the Cascade Lake trail. A fun little river hike ending in a waterfall. Tim had fun crossing the river about 100 times. The little girls only crossed twice.

Fannette Island in the middle of Emerald Bay. There's a tiny castle turret on the top.

The old fashioned paddle wheel boat takes tours of Emerald Bay. We rented a boat and happened to follow it in. In the background is Fannette Island and Eagle Falls.

Playing in the sand at Rubicon Point.

Tim enjoying the wind in his long hair.

We had so many pictures of Tim on a rock that I thought this was a nice change. Diet Pepsi on a rock.

The old lighthouse on the Rubicon Trail. The kids think it looks like an outhouse. Kinda smelled like one, too.

One of the rest stops on the outside of Incline Village on the north side of the lake. The kids liked this place so much, we came back again. Tons of big boulders to climb and jump on right next to the shoreline.

Lower Eagle Falls. The kids were very tired by this point. Beautiful view.

Lower Eagle Falls at the very bottom. It's so picturesque, Disney couldn't have done a better job planning this one out. We got here just before the sun disappeared behind the mountain. Perfect.

From the top of the Vikingsholm Trail overlooking Emerald Bay.

We found some lunch at Meeks Bay and had some water time. The boys waded out to this rock and explored the water.

The top of Eagle Falls. Another couple was getting their bridal photos taken here so I made Andrew sit with me. This picture was taken about 2 weeks before our 18th Anniversary.

And the kids joined me. We are right on the edge of the falls and if Josh took one more step he would've fallen down the falls. He likes to scare me.

The Upper Trail to the Eagle River. Tim had such a good time jumping over the river and making Josh follow him.

While we wait for Josh and Tim to find their way back across the river, we explore the rocks.

A big redwood tree at the bottom of Eagle Falls.
As you can see, we had fun exploring the wilderness and enjoying the trails. We rented a boat one day and did some tubing in the cold lake. Trout fishing and hamburgers and shopping. On the fourth of July, we saw the fireworks out over the lake. Swimming and racquetball, mini golf and barbecuing. I think we'll come back to this place. Josh says we need our own boat next time!