Friday, January 30, 2009

The glass is half, full...

I've had a really hard week and so, in order to stay positive, I will report all the good things that have happened this week.
I finished a book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It was very informative and wish that my children would read it.
I volunteered at preschool today and while there, listened to the kids sing Oh my darlin' Valentine. The girls sang it correctly, singing "I will kiss you, I will hug you, oh my darlin' Valentine" while the boys sang it their way (because they hate love, love, love!!), sang it as"I will punch you, I will shoot you, oh my darlin' Valentine". Even at age 4 and 5, they can think to substitute their own versions of love!
Josh actually thanked me for giving him a ride home.
I finished piecing a mini quilt and was able to move on to a new project.
I heard that my brother actually came through town this week and said Hi to my parents before going back to Colorado.
The sun came out today. There was a line at the car wash. That's very optimistic of people in January...
Trying to get out of this rut I'm in...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Maui is Green. Utah is Grey.

Sunset in Ka'anapali

The perfect ending to the day.

The Olivine pools on the Northern Shore of Maui.

Interesting lava rock formations on the north side.

The Nakalele Blowhole on the north side.

Wailua Falls right off the Hana Highway.

Seven Sacred Pools or the 'Ohe'o Gulch. The runoff was too high to swim in.

The Three Bears (or Waikani) waterfall on the Hana highway.

Watching the surfers and wind surfers at the Ho'okipa lookout just past Pa'ia on the east side of Maui.

Does it look like we had fun? So relaxing to just sit on the beach at sunset or watching the whales from our lounge chair. A hammock on the beach. A ring around the moon. Hiking along waterfalls, to the shoreline, through the rainforest. Swimming in pools just off the shore and watching the wrath of the sea just on the other side of the rocks. Riding in the convertible with the wind blowing your hair. So warm! Smoothies by the pool. Sea turtles in a cove. Lava rocks to climb on. Flowers in my hair. Snorkeling in the ocean. No kids to worry about. I didn't want to leave. I actually cried when I got in the car at the Salt Lake airport. We were home and it is so GREY! Last time we went to Maui, I was pregnant with Maren. So I didn't want to do anything that might be bad for the baby. This time was a dream! Perfect! Every January should be Hawaii...but next time, 2 weeks...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good Things

For Christmas, Santa brought me a trip to Hawaii. So I'm packing even as I type. Andrew also received a nice present. A blue ray player and a friend who gets him discount Disney DVD's. Josh has a new electric blanket which he thinks is the "most awesome thing ever!" Tim has a new AirZooka gun which shoots air instead of ammo. He loves torturing the cats with it. Maren has a new Wii game and lots of Crayola drawing stuff. It keeps her busy. And Emma has a new digital camera and won't stop taking pictures of herself!! All in all, a very nice Christmas. And my next entry will be all about my trip to Maui. Ooh, can't wait!!