Sunday, March 29, 2009


So here is how March went...
I took an applique class at the quilt store and am now addicted to new projects. I have so many patterns in my drawer I will never get to all of them.
I started with a personal trainer at the gym. I've had three sessions now and I feel pretty The first session he made me do so many squats and lunges and step-ups on a bench that I couldn't walk for 5 days! And I've changed my diet and other exercises that I think I'm making progress. My skinny pants are loose!! Yay!!
I also bought new work out shoes. My knee pain is less and I can definitely tell a difference between the old and new ones. It was time.
I need to wash my car but the snow keeps coming.
We survived another week with Andrew out of town. I can't believe how much I depend on him daily!! We could survive without him but, A) we don't want to and, B) I'd be very tired every night with all the extra stuff I have to do.
Two more days of March and hopefully no more snow. Sun and warm would be nice.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Month Celebration Over

Well, so much for me pampering myself this month. I slid down my driveway and hit the curbing and threw off the alignment on my car. So into the shop it went and out of my wallet came $900. So happy birthday to me. Plus, I've been sick and coughing all over everything. Maybe I'll celebrate next month...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bring on the love!!

March is my birthday month...yes, that's right...a whole month to celebrate my birthday!! I feel the need after a long winter to take advantage of this pre-spring month and do whatever I can to pamper myself! I grew up thinking that St. Patrick's Day was a preliminary to my day. Everyone dresses up in green (my favorite color) and wears it kind of like a pre party celebration! Then my actual birthday is the 19th. PARTAY!! And then the first day of actual Spring on the 21st. And sometimes, Easter is in March so, of course, candy to end my month of me. March is THE BEST month to have a birthday! All the cute Easter dresses are in the stores to buy and sometimes we get some mild weather. Makes me have spring fever and that makes me euphoric! It's MY MONTH. NOT YOURS! (unless you have a march birthday, too and then you're welcome to partay with me) And Andrew spoils me completely for my present. One year, I was sent to a SPA in Arizona! One year an unlimited shopping spree around town. Last year I received lots of tickets to the Bees games! I love you, Andrew, and I can't wait for my present this year...especially if it was what we were talking about at lunch today!!! I'm singing Happy Birthday to me in my head right now!!!