Sunday, April 29, 2007

Farewell, J.Jill

I have put in my 2 week's notice at J.Jill. Yes, sad but true. I'm finding it harder to spend any time with my family. Working 6 days a week is wearing a little thin and I'm tired. Plus, they are implementing a new parking policy for employees which is not good. I will miss the 40% discount....a lot. And working there was nice and quiet. It was fun while it lasted and maybe sometime later I'll go back. They already told me I could come back anytime. I'll instead use my time to go to the gym, hang out with Andrew and start getting in shape for the pioneer trek in June. So goodbye to an era.... hello date nights with my honey. (And maybe the kids, too.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Watch out for Elena...

This last week I accidentally ran over Emma in the SUV. I was backing out of the garage and felt the car run over something. I thought it was the cat. No, it was my baby girl. She was in the house getting candy and watching cartoons with Tim and then under my car. I don't know why she was out there. She was screaming and bleeding from her chin. I picked her up and ran inside. Grabbing the phone, I called 911 and then called Andrew. The ambulance showed up in a couple of minutes and so did my neighbor, Norma, who's a nurse. She kept telling me she looks good. She's screaming and that's a good thing. They strapped her to a gurney with a neck brace on and we went out to the ambulance. Andrew got home just in time to see us driving down Bountiful Boulevard so he followed. We got to the ER and the bishop was there at the same time...amazing. They wouldn't let us in the room with Emma at first so she was screaming and no one there to comfort her. I thought she had internal injuries or broken bones...something. How can you run over a child and there not be? But the xrays showed nothing broken. Miracle. They did show, however, a space between her skull and her spine. So she had to stay in the neck brace all night long until the MRI machine was open. So that was a lot of fun. She wanted to sit up, roll on her side, have mom hold her. Try to get a 3 year old to lay on her back for 18 hours! So the MRI showed everything was normal and we could go home after she ate some food and stood on her foot. Her foot had a really good scrape and bruising on it. She also had some abrasions on her two arms and chin. But that is all. $4000 later...scrapes and bruises! I can't believe it! But the nightmares are still here. And the tears. And the guilt. She's running around like normal and mom is a wreck! But it's getting better. Thank you for all your phone calls and letters and prayers! I know how blessed and loved we are. Thanks!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Come live by us!

Hey Everyone! Your dreams have come true! Now you, yes YOU, can come and live by us! The lot up the street just went on the market and it's only $485,000 for 2.7 acres. That is such a bargain. That's not even including the house that you build on it! Wow! Just think of it now. The views, the wildlife, the taxes. Incredible! And you would be our neighbor. Hurry now before this dream fades away!