Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Went for a Drive

Andrew and I decided to go for a drive on Sunday with the girls. The boys did not want to go with us on a "long, boring ride!" So we went up to Eden, Utah to scope for ideas when we go up there over Labor Day weekend with the Lawrence's. While we were driving around Pineview Lake, we were pressured by the girls to "go to the beach". So we found a place to park that didn't require a fee and walked the short distance to the water. If we had remembered to wear sunscreen, we'd have stayed longer. All I kept thinking is, "This place is beautiful but the ocean is better!" With my ocean adventure still strong in my mind, a small lake isn't quite the same. Although, the ocean does not have the mountains and it wasn't very crowded. Pros and cons to both, I suppose! Enjoy these pictures of us in the sun.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Kids and the Bees

My parents were so kind to take Tim and Maren to the Bees game on Monday as their little FHE entertainment. They also took Alec and Kelli so everyone had a friend cousin to hang with. When they first arrived at the stadium, they had the opportunity to get an autograph from a player. Kelli had a hat that she had signed and Maren let him sign her shirt! Then they also got to have the Bee sign as well!! So Maren's shirt doesn't look new anymore but that's okay...it's signed by #31 and the Bee!! Grandma and Granpa also spoiled them by buying them a big foam finger and lots of ballpark goodies. They had a great time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ready for some silly, goofy fun?

Look what I found! This guy Matt Harding goes all over the world and dances. He's goofy and a really bad dancer but it is a great video. Also if you want to see more of his videos, here's his site...http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/

Then, after this video, look on the bottom of the You Tube for the video with the treadmills!! HILARIOUS!!! It's called "Here we go again". Good stuff!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Stress-Free Weekend

This last weekend, my wonderful hubby sent me to California to stay with Alden and Emily. They are down there for the summer and have a spare room which they offered to anyone who wants to come visit. So here's how it went...
On Friday, I arrive at the Long Beach Airport to my personal cheerleaders rooting me off the airplane. A. and E. were jumping and waving as if they haven't seen me for a year! It was great! Then on the ride home, we could see a fire off in the distance on one of the hills. Alden said, "I think that fire is in our ward." Emily said, "No, that's too far north." Well, Alden was right. It was right behind Emily's house about half a mile. So we watched the helicopters and airplanes fight the fire before we even took in my luggage. Welcome to L.A.
On Saturday, I went and had my haircut by a guy named Tab. Great haircut, love it! Then we went shopping at South Coast Plaza. I bought some new shirts at Nordstrom and then we went to Abercrombie and guess who was at the door waiting for us? A half naked male model greeting everyone who came in. So I asked if I could have my picture taken with him and I sent that picture to my hubby at home. Andrew didn't get it. Oh well.
Then we went to the Corona del Mar beach. This beach is awesome. It's not like Huntington Beach where it's just miles of sand. This one is a little cove with a wave breaker and boats floating and lifeguards and grass and nice beach houses about to fall down the cliff into the water. We went into the water and dodged waves and seaweed and body surfers. Then I treaded water for what seemed like another hour. It was awesome. If only I could do that everyday! Then, all too soon, it was time to go.
On Sunday, Emily sang in sacrament meeting and she was terrific! After church, we just had a relaxing day around the house and cooked dinner. Just what I needed.
On Monday, I went to the Grand Californian on Disney property and had a massage and salt scrub. Ahhh. Way expensive...I'll be paying for that one for awhile. Then walked around Downtown Disney and bought some stuff for the kids. I found some great stickers to go on the back of our car (photo on the right). Later, we were going to rent a little boat and float around Balboa Island and watch the sunset but they were out of boats. So I decided to make my last day memorable and went into Disneyland by myself. It's very different going there without family of any kind. For one thing, you can go on any ride you want and weave in and out of the strollers very quickly. On the other hand, waiting in lines more than 20 minutes long gets kind of lonely. So I text messaged Andrew while in line. He couldn't believe I went into the park by myself. He was way jealous and told me I owe him big time! And I do.
So there is my itinerary of my trip to L.A. by myself. I would do it again but bring Andrew with me. Next time...