Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time Off in Park City

Time off in Park City over Mother's Day Weekend. We relaxed at our timeshare by swimming, eating, watching movies, making crafts and exploring Main Street.

Emma finally had enough of swimming! She is a fish! And she's not shy. She would try to play with anyone who came into the pool. Including other kids' dads! She'd hang on stranger's shoulders to try to get them to play with her! Gotta watch her!

Shoe Tree Park along the parkway. Lots of shoes thrown into the trees. Why? Who knows. It's probably art or really bored teenagers.

Kelli came up for a sleep over with her cousins for Maren's birthday.

Torin came up with Josh for a couple of days and locked one set of keys in his car and the other set of keys got wet in the pool. Couldn't get his Mercedes to start.

Tim needs a haircut. But still had fun dunking me under the water or kicking me off the tube.

Family came up to visit and joined us for food and good times. Too bad the Alpine Slide wasn't open yet. Still a lot of snow on the ground so we couldn't go hiking without getting really messy. Just relaxed and didn't have to worry about work. Nice!