Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cloudy day

Just some thoughts...
Potty training is stupid. I hate it. Fourth child is no easier than any of the others. Uggghhh!

Last minute cancellations at the salon. It mostly happens with family members or close friends. What can I do about it? nothing.

Teenagers. Their lives are the only thing important in this world. If it doesn't work for them, attitude is up to the ceiling. And mom is stupid.

Sore muscles. My workout on Tuesday kicked my butt. And today I can't walk or straighten my's probably a good thing my clients cancelled.


Sorry! Just had to vent.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Days of our Lives

I'm afraid by reading this, you are going to see just how boring my life actually is. You've been forewarned!
Domestic Tip #1:
I've finally found something that will clean my tiles in my shower. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have used cleanser, tilex, CLR, razor blades, brushes of all kinds, and nothing works as well or as fast as the eraser.
Domestic Tip #2:
Today I washed four loads of laundry all from Tim's room. And a load of towels at the salon. All I can say is that the Tide with Febreze smells fantastic. And the dryer sheets with Febreze are also very nice. My life was slow today, obviously.
Valentines Day was fun. My valentine gave me money for a spa, and chocolate covered strawberries! I gave him Crunchie bars and assorted other London candy (his favorites!) from the London Market. We went to lunch at Squatter's and it was nice. I later helped my two sons take valentines to their girlfriends houses. (Yes, Tim has a girlfriend. Help me now.) Of course Maren had about six valentines to take around and Emma was very happy eating every ones candy. So all in all a great Valentine's Day. Hope yours was equally nice.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Sound of Music

A new song I discovered... Grace Kelly by MIKA. Love it!!! A little bit disco but it raised my mood. I even ran on the treadmill for 24 minutes because this song got my energy up. Amazing. Those of you who know me know that I haven't run anywhere for about 5 years. So it is truly awe inspiring.
I've also started a new class at the gym. BodyJam. It's one hour of dancing and learning the latest moves. At first I didn't think I was young enough for this class but there are ladies in their 40's so I figured I was okay. And it is a blast! Now I dance around the house and my Josh (who's 15) thinks it is embarassing. Ha! It is so worth it!
I've also recently joined the church choir. I haven't sung in a choir since right out of High School. It has made me rediscover music. I have to remember what all the little nuances of singing require. Crescendo, pianissimo, forte, breathe here. The funny thing is that our choir director keeps calling measures 'verses' and all I keep thinking is "we're on verse this is a long song!" Ha! The one problem with the choir is that when we have a performance, they meet at 8:30am on Sunday morning. Again, those of you who know me...when have I EVER been up and ready to go at that time in the morning? Please! But I am enjoying the singing part.
Anyway, it has been fun rediscovering music. It makes me feel young and out of my rut. Thanks for letting me share.