Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arizona 2010

Here's how the trip went. I loaded the pictures backward...for more fun...not because I'm technologically challenged...
Of course, we ended up at the Grand Canyon. We went from 110 degrees in Phoenix to 44 degrees here.

But how beautiful it was once the clouds cleared out!!

No jackets or pants. Very cold!!

The water balloon fight was awesome! We found a fun activity center that had mini golf, speed track, water rafts and video games.

But they just don't give you enough water balloons!!

Andrew and I tried it, too!! I think I won!!

The water felt great in the heat!

Josh just wouldn't let me pass him!

Water boats!

I don't think Josh looks like he's having a good time!! Nope.

Lazy river at the hotel. Round and round.

Swimming and more swimming.

The closest I'll ever get to Mike Rowe!

Slide Rock State Park just outside of Sedona. Highly recommend it. Zions, meets Lake Powell, meets Millcreek Canyon. Loved it.

And of course, we have Tim on a rock. He's our climber.

People were jumping off the cliffs, too. And sliding down the river on their bums.

The boys and I rented Segways for a beginner tour. SO MUCH FUN! I want one but their about $5500.

And we started out at Hoover Dam. So many "dam" jokes...

Still very large. We took the tour to the generators and learned a lot about the dam. It was HOT!!
We had fun. I got a new camera. A little bit of a tan. A lot of reading done. Got to ride a Segway. Saw Toy Story 3. Went to Trader Joe's. Good food. And some quality family time.