Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Learning Vacation

We went to Williamsburg, Virginia for our family vacation over UEA. We had a great time in Busch Gardens riding roller coasters and having some Halloween spookiness. We went into Colonial Williamsburg and soaked up some history and enjoyed the feeling of colonial times. We drove down to Virginia Beach and played in the sand and rode a couple of bikes around the boardwalk. We took the commuter train into Washington D.C. and did a lot of walking and picture taking of our national monuments. We hit a deer on the parkway and had to trade in our rental car...awaiting the insurance phonecall. Took a ghost tour of Williamsburg in the rain. Swimming and eating and playing at the resort. We didn't want to come home.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I need a toolbelt!

Andrew told me that I haven't updated in a while so here goes. (WARNING: this may tell you how extremely tedious my life actually is)

We've been cutting down trees along the driveway so that maybe the sun can warm up the ice in the winter and we won't slide down. Then I had to cut it into 5 foot lengths and BUNDLE them for the trash pickup pile. Ooooh, I know how to party!

Then I've been scraping and painting the railings on our stairs. I hate the railings on our stairs. 13 cans of spray paint! And that's only the finishing color. I hand painted them with primer! Never again. Next time I take a sledgehammer to the stairs!! They're so ugly they remind me of an apartment building. They were white and rusty before and now they're "almond".

And sraping and sanding a pulling out old grout from the windows and around the garage doors. I hate old grout. Then painting and regrouting. The old color was white. New color, hot chocolate brown. The only thing that still needs to be done is the front door. But with the cold weather coming in fast, it might have to wait 'til spring.

The good news is the front of my house looks SO NICE and FRESH! The bad news is I've broken four nails! Is it really worth it?