Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cousin Gathering 2009

We hosted the 2nd bi-annual Lawrence Cousin Gathering the day after Thanksgiving. Andrew supplied the sandwiches and everyone else brought a dish to share. I think it all turned out great. The weather cooperated so everyone could get up the driveway and almost everyone made it. We even had a set of twin girls from Stacie's family join us for the party. The kids enjoyed having lots of friends to run around with.

Gavin, Stacie and Brian (with one of the twins).

Alden, Ashley, and Austin enjoying food.

Tim's too cool for food.

Tacie, Dustin, David and Andrew laughing at stories.

Camden rolling around under the table while we talk.

David and Steve chowin' down.

Tacie and Dustin staring at the pop bottles!!

Everyone listening to Matt's Walmart Black Friday Story!! Only he could have put up with the craziness that night!!

Andrew, Brian and Angie. The three oldest!

Matt is quite the story teller!

Austin and Becca taking a break from kids and listening in.

Maren and Tayler staying busy on the Wii.

The newest addition, Camille.

Kristen, Jenny and Matt. (Jenny hates her picture taken. This exact picture taken 2 years ago!!)

Rylee gets a ride from Becca. Becca's expecting in January!!

I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures of the kids playing downstairs. They had fun playing video games and fooseball. It was fun catching up with everyone. We should do a summer get together next time! Thanks to everyone for bringing food and for coming to our home. We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!