Saturday, May 17, 2008

Attempting Culture

Andrew thought it would be great to get a bundle of Symphony tickets when we received mail about the upcoming events. So Andrew bought tickets to four events. The Messiah sing-in, the video games live, Carmina Burana, and Don Giovanni. Great, right? You'd think so. Except they all turned into the cursed tickets. All. In one way or another.
The first event, Messiah sing-in... I had some throat problem, either laryngitis or a severe sore throat so singing was rough. And the last time Andrew had really sung, he was a tenor...not anymore. This event was just a minor hiccup.
Event #2...the video games live... We took the boys with us because they would get a kick out of it...except I was sick again. Bad flu/cold. So Tim took one of his friends in my place and they had a great time.
The third event, Carmina Burana... The waitress at Buca di Beppo was SO SLOW that we missed the entire first act. And the symphony doesn't let you in until the intermission. However, it turned out that the whole first act was something entirely different to fill time. Carmina Burana is only an hour so they gave a bonus performance of something else! So all turned out all right!
The last and best of all the game, Don Giovanni... I was SO SICK!! All the kids had been sick with the flu and throwing up...well, it was my turn. Great! The best and most expensive show and I'm stupidly sick. Well we went anyway. 8:00 show, I can make it. We just won't go to dinner first. My stomach turning, I got ready and laid back down again for a half hour before we left. When we finally arrived at the Capitol Theater at 7:40, I walked in to an empty lobby. Where were all the people? Did I come on the wrong day? Did no one want to see the great Mozart's work? NO! THE SHOW STARTED AT 7:30, NOT 8:00 LIKE ANDREW SAID! Aaahhh! We are cursed. The worst part is that I was just laying around waiting for the right time to leave. If Andrew had just looked at the tickets we would have left at the right time. We just wanted to be a little more cultured and these tickets were cursed.
Now anytime Andrew tells me a time to be somewhere I raise my eyebrows and ask if he's sure. And he laughs and double checks the schedule. I can't believe how often I was sick this year! I blame my clients coming in to get their hair done when they have pneumonia. Maybe next year we'll get it right...maybe.